Goals, Strategies and Priorities in the activities of our school for school year 2011/2012

1. The School’s Mission

The High School of Mathematics “Dr Petar Beron” – Varna is an important centre of Varna’s secondary education. Our aspiration has always been to prepare students for their higher education in the fields of mathematics, informatics and information technologies and thus to take part in the creation of specialists for various spheres of our country’s social life. This mission of a leader in the education system is based on the level of our students’ knowledge and performance, their interests and daily pursuits as well as on the selection of high-quality teaching staff. The school creed is the formation of scientific views which are adequate to the educational demands of the present day and the creation of a highly responsible attitude towards the life of our society and its universal values.

2. The School’s Character

The teaching staff endeavours to maintain the school’s image of a modern elite secondary school, where their high professionalism ensures that our students have excellent opportunities in various walks of life. Tolerance, consideration and respect for every member of the staff adds to the school’s image.

3. The School’s Goals are

– to optimize the conditions in which the school performs its educational process in compliance with the national standards applied in secondary education;
– to create good conditions for the physical, scientific, moral and social development of our students;
– to afford different opportunities to the teachers to improve and innovate their teaching practice;
– to improve the school’s facilities and equipment;
– to popularize the activities and accomplishments of our teachers and students

4. The School’s Strategies

4.1. High-quality education through

– increased insistence on student excellent performance;
– regular control and assessment of student knowledge;
– student motivation to work hard and achieve more knowledge and skills;
– improvement of the school’s facilities and equipment;
– employment of highly qualified and motivated teaching staff;
– supplementary out-of-school activities performed together with the Varna Section of the Union of Mathematicians in Bulgaria, the National Astronomical Observatory “Nikolaus Kopernicus” ;
– motivating students through moral and material incentives;

4.2. The School’s Specialization

Our aims are
– to teach 5th, 6th and 7th-graders optional lessons in Mathematics and Informatics, which is to provide them with further knowledge and enhance their interest in those subjects;
– to teach 8th – to 12th – grade students optional lessons in Mathematics, Informatics, IT, Physics, Bulgarian – courses which deepen their knowledge and prepare them for successful performance in national and international examinations, competitions and Olympiads;
– to offer students good education in Informatics and IT in compliance with up-to-date tendencies, which enables them to work in the field of programming, advertising, polygraphy and design.

4.3. The School’s Differentiation
Its aims are
– to preserve the traditional curriculum and introduce new subjects;
– to strengthen the School’s position as an organizer and centre of student activities in Science, Mathematics and Informatics.
– to strive to achieve top results and awards in different kinds of competitions.

4.4. The Schools Diversification

The range and variety of activities which our students are involved in boost their competence, adaptability and competitiveness and at the same time give them a good chance to improve themselves and manifest their intellectual potential.
The Varna High School of Mathematics provides adequate high-quality education and enables students’ creative development organizing various events – competitions, contests, Olympiads in Mathematics and Informatics, subjects which are the priority of the School.
The School concerts, the hours in the school sport clubs, the successful participation in different sport events together with the additional work in foreign language learning afford our students the opportunity to express their individuality, vitality and high spirits.

4.5. The School’s Democratization and Humanization

Our teachers stand close to the students’ needs in their scientific development. They have to assess the rich variety of information and reassess their methods so as to constantly ensure adequate up-to-date teaching. The students are given the opportunity to be an active part in the educational process. They can express their views on the content of the material to be covered and the ways it is taught to them. Students and teachers are partners throughout the whole process.

4.6. The School’s Innovation Strategy

The School’s innovation strategy is focused on the constant improvement of its teachers through enhancing their qualification, participation in courses, seminars, workshops and other forms organized by DPKU- Varna. The teachers, on their part, are involving more and more students in joint activities.

4.7. The School’s Intensive Development Strategy

The School attaches priority to its intensive development. The ways to implement this goal are cooperation between parents, public organizations, foundations as well as participations in international programmes and projects.

5. The School’s Priorities in its activity

– to keep the high level of student knowledge in Mathematics, Informatics and IT, in accordance with the State Requirements of Education.;
– to maintain high-achieving learning environment in the Bulgarian language;
– to put emphasis on foreign language teaching;
– to increase the efficiency of the educational process through improvements in the organization of teaching all school subjects;
– to promote civic education;
– to intensify its contacts with public organizations and institutions, open to school education problems;
– to involve parents and encourage them to actively cooperate in handling school issues;
– to strengthen the position of the School Board of Trustees as an authority supporting the whole educational process in the School.