The International Competition “Linguistic Kangaroo” has been organized by the foundation”Young Bulgaria” since 2009.

The competition is held in two rounds – school and national , in five languages ​​- English, French, German, Spanish and Russian, and for the following age groups: 3-4 grade; 5-6 grade; 7-8 grade; Grades 9-10; 11-12 class.

The format is a test that includes 40 tasks with five optional answers, of which only one is correct.
Most of the questions have entertaining character. The discovery of correct answers requires lexical and grammatical knowledge respectively in English, French, German, Spanish or Russian language and knowledge of history, cultural and literary heritage, traditions and lifestyle attributable to England, France, Germany, Spain and  Russia.

The competition is not intended to examine student performance in relation to studies of this material at school. Fun and gaming aspect is designed to enrich the common culture of the participants, to develop logical thinking and motivation for future in-depth studies.

The students of the High School of Mathematics “Dr. Petar Beron” have participated in the competition  “Linguistic Kangaroo” since 2012. Every year they compete in four foreign languages, taught at school – English, German, French and Russian. Many of them show excellent results in different fields of human knowledge and successfully reach the national round, where they  win prizes and awards.