lib1Library and information centre (LIC) at the High School of  Mathematics is a  successor of the Girls’ School in Varna. It was established more than 125 years ago. The library plays a very important part in the school life and aims at answering the educational and academic demands of all students and teachers.
The library has a reading room available for all students of the school. It will   soon be equipped with computers and thus there will be a constant access to the Internet and to the library data base.

lib16Book Stock of the Libraryincludes 26991 books. 5245 of them are in Russian, English, German and French. This  helps students  read books in the original and enrich their knowledge in foreign languages. In order to assist the learning process, the library is  regularly subscribed to periodicals . Their articles are classified in index catalogues.
The main task of  LIC is to give assistance to the learning process and  lend a helping hand to the self-education of all the readers. All the books and information correspond to the requirements of  the contemporary education.
LIC is connected with the school LAN and therefore its electronic catalogue is always on-line .It also has an access to the Internet.
This is the first school library where the library and information processes are computerised.

lib12Services available from the Library and Information Centre (LIC):

• Building up a rich collection of national and foreign literature books from publishers’ catalogues, bookshops, etc. Books are provided by purchasing, exchange and donation, according to the needs of the education process and scientific research. New books are processed and stored in the computerized catalogue;
• Providing scientific information for students and teachers through conventional as well as through modern IT – searching in the computerized catalogue, the databases and the Internet;
• Setting out bibliographic references on request;
lib9• Training of the library customers in using the library resources and helping them in searching information in the Internet;
• Servicing of the customers in the Loan Department and the Reading Room. New readers are registered and given a reader’s card. They can borrow books or read them in the Reading Room on request made in advance;
• Advising the readers on the resources of the library and giving information relevant to their interests;
• Maintaining and controlling the library resources in good condition;
• Offering possibility for on-line access to the computerizes catalogue and the database, containing magazine and book articles;
• Since February 2010 the library has been a member of the International School-libraries Net.



Sonia Alexandrova Yancheva – librarian, who has a master’s degree in ‘Library and Information Activities and Cultural Policy’ with specialization in ‘Information Supply in Science and Education’. Mrs Yancheva has been working in the library since 1987.